NEI India Film Direction Course

EI India Film direction is best career option for people with deep passion for cinema, television, and entertainment.. Film Director is highest paid professional in film production unit and also the most responsible for success of the project. Students with artistic vision, creative skill can join us and learn all the creative and technical aspects in EI India Film Direction Course.

EI India Film Direction Course in Mumbai

Mumbai is a hub of Film and Television industry. All major Production companies are located here, Hence people from all over India comes to Mumbai to learn film direction course and make career in Films.

What you learn in Film Direction

  • Overview
  • Film Appreciation
  • Introduction and History
  • Story / Screenplay / Dialogue Writing.
  • Pre Production.
  • Practical khowledge of shooting own short films
  • Post Production Process and Assembling key components
  • Understanding editing and Background music.
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