Film & Tv Acting Course

Film & TV Acting Course

This course is for the students who are passionate of making career in Acting, willing to work hard, and learn. We have well experienced acting teachers in house to teach and polish your acting skills in a very different and easy way. We not only share and gives you detail knowledge of Acting and the elements of performing art but we also make you understand how this industry works and how to find the right way.

  1. Acting : An introduction to the Art.
  2. Elements and Forms of Acting.
  3. Understanding Script and Character
  4. Understanding Film, TV, Stage Acting.
  5. Exercises to improve yourself as an Actor.
  6. Vocal Projection.
  7. Clarity of speech : Diction
  8. Dialect and Regional Diction.
  9. Flat Reading
  10. Voice culture.
  11. Energy.
  12. Mime
  13. Practical Acting with Camera, Lights, and Sound.

Special lectures on How to face Auditions
We also help you get Auditions and guide you how to start career in Acting.




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