BB media pvt Ltd has few strong missions –

  • We want to create various careers for the students in the field of Film making, Film & TV
    Direction, Acting, Film & TV Editing and Digital Marketing for national and international
    students by opening branches in India, various Asian countries and Dubai etc.
  • Getting into Film production, producing both quality hindi and regional films, we have already
    begun producing one film “APNA NUMBER LAGEGA” Produced, Directed and Edited by Bobby
  • Getting into more lucrative business ventures media and non-media related. We are planning
    to have more diversions and expansions with time to come.
  • The Film Making course at BB Media is specially designed for those students who want to learn film-making & direction, with all technical knowledge including Cinematography, Sound Recording & Sound Designing, Editing & Post Production – DI (Digital Intermediate) other than hypothetical and stylish contributions in Film Direction, we add something very important in the Film Making Course, which are – hands on practical training in all the technical departments of Film making. Our motto is to make students all-rounder in aspects of film making – so that he/she can become an independent Film maker.
  • BB Media’s Direction course contains all the essential ingredients required to make you a successful director of film and television. This most optimized plan course acquaints you with the process of film making while the broad practical gives you a hands on understanding of what the genuine film/TV world holds in store for you.
  • BB Media Acting course is designed keeping in mind all the prerequisites and skills required to be a successful actor/actress, our acting course takes students through the basics of acting to an intense training in modern acting, as required for films, TV and theatre. The course lays more focus on On-Screen performance and also prepares the student through an extensive workshops.
  • At BB Media you have an opportunity to learn editing from experienced Mumbai film industry professionals who have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the Editing. You shall not only receive technical knowledge regarding editing but also vital training in film and television creative editing. Film and Television editor Mr. Bobby Bose, who is being nominated for many international awards, will oversee the entire operations. Bobby Bose has a 12 year experience in editing in films, documentary and television projects with serials like REPORTER, KANYADAAN, KASHMIR, D-LINE etc and films like SINS, RED SWASTIK , and AKELI SUMMER 2007, Chaloo Movie etc. Summer 2007 was one of the Indian Panorama entries for world festivals in 2008. The training faculties will work under his strict observation.
  • BB Media believes in sharing the right knowledge to the candidates in order to build the best career in digital marketing. Digital education depends on the individual interest area and hence we have pre-designed course content. Digital marketing has become the mainstream in India where every business is stepping into the new strategy to build a high competitive strength. We provide the complete digital marketing training classes in to the candidates and develop the strategy in their mind so they can add more value to the company. We provide the digital marketing platform to the aspirants which plays a crucial role in monitoring things like website traffic, marketing strategy, sales conversions etc.

Bobby Bose
Bobby Bose,Director

Indranil Chattejee
Indranil Chattejee,Director


Vision is very clear we want to take BB Media Pvt Ltd to higher levels. We want to establish a formidable outfit performing at its best giving great results in terms of business and above all it is also looking after its employee’s welfare as well. We particularly give strong emphasis to keep congenial atmosphere for our employees where they don’t feel suffocated to work thus reducing the menace of attrition.


After establishing more subsidiary companies under BB media Pvt ltd and achieving success we will certainly take the big stride forward towards going public. It will take some time to get going but surely a prime objective.

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