BB media pvt Ltd has few strong missions –

  • We already have branches in few important cities of India but we aspire to spread it even furtherEstablish 15 plus Branches of NEI India Film and TV editing Institute.
  • We want to create Film and TV editing careers for international students by opening branches in various Asian countries, Bangladesh and Dubai etc.
  • Get into Film production producing both quality Hindi and regional Films. Already we have begun producing with one film “Din ke Andhere mein” written and Directed by Vinod Pande
  • Get into more lucrative business ventures media and non-media related. We are planning to have more diversions and expansions with time to come.

Bobby Bose
Bobby Bose,Director

Indranil Chattejee
Indranil Chattejee,Director


Vision is very clear we want to take BB Media Pvt Ltd to higher levels. We want to establish a formidable outfit performing at its best giving great results in terms of business and above all it is also looking after its employee’s welfare as well. We particularly give strong emphasis to keep congenial atmosphere for our employees where they don’t feel suffocated to work thus reducing the menace of attrition.


After establishing more subsidiary companies under BB media Pvt ltd and achieving success we will certainly take the big stride forward towards going public. It will take some time to get going but surely a prime objective.

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